Cream of the Crop for Australian Literature 2019!

From the lecturer of Australian Literature

Michael Griffith: Home Page- Literature and Life Winter into Spring! 2020

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Thank you all for some fabulous blogging this semester. It has been a real feast to trawl through your many rich and creative insights into the literature of Australia. So many of you were able to express yourselves freely and openly, giving voice to what concerned you the most and finding ways of expressing your own creativity. Well done all!

Here is the cream of the crop! Most of these earned Distinction and Above for careful and well constructed efforts.

Anna Castagnella

Victoria Martin

Natalia Ng 

Emily Baker

Veronica Barbagallo

Mariama Biro Saibou

Cameron Cole

Andrew Colman

Ashureena Dankha

Isabella Di Giandomenico

Holly Ibrahim 

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Australian Literature Summative Entry · Blogs

Australian Literature Summative Entry

The unit "English102" deepened my understanding and knowledge of how precious Australian literature has always been, and the idea that Australia is not a finished product, as stated by Governor General David Hurley. It introduced me to a large number of writers that were especially interested in early Australia, which was new territory for me… Continue reading Australian Literature Summative Entry

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Peer Review 4

(comment on: Hi Mariama, I liked your feature of “Author’s Note” because it tells your reader how you connect to the text, you are exploring in the next few paragraphs and the remainder of the blog. I particularly enjoyed reading the link you made between That Deadman Dance’s characters and people from your personal… Continue reading Peer Review 4

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Blog 5, Kim Scott’s “That Deadman Dance”

CRITICAL. Kim Scott's "That Deadman Dance" shows his interest in the Mabarn man, retrieving and reviving language and reconstituting the Aboriginal History. Kim Scott reconstitutes the Aboriginal history in a creative way of writing. He is preoccupied with the urban region and life in early Australia, which was obtained by spirit and energy of the… Continue reading Blog 5, Kim Scott’s “That Deadman Dance”

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Blog 4, A Letter to Miss Slattery (and Her Demon Lover)

3/ CREATIVE Write a letter to Miss Slattery telling her what you think about the decision she made to leave Szabo. Dear Miss Slattery, I am writing this letter to tell you how proud I am that you were eventually able to leave Szabo. He treated you wrong and named you according to his likings… Continue reading Blog 4, A Letter to Miss Slattery (and Her Demon Lover)

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Peer Review 3

(comment on: Hi Bruno, I appreciate you starting your blog with the purpose of the art gallery excursion. I am also pleased that Eugene von Guérard’s “Milford Sound, New Zealand” struck your emotions with its elements and deeper meaning. This is one of my favourite landscapes, and you identified why viewers would like the… Continue reading Peer Review 3

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Blog 3, Art and Literature

3/ CRITICAL Write a brief account of how you think art and literature interact in a person’s experience? I am standing on a footbridge made of timber, a boardwalk if you may. I feel it creaking beneath my feet at the slightest of movement, beyond that surface, are the ocean’s gentle waves, conversing with the… Continue reading Blog 3, Art and Literature

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Peer Review 2

(comment on: ) Hi Izabela, Your writing is clear and well structured. You take your readers on a journey where they learn your outlook on “deliberately” and then relate to you as you justify your opinion.I agree that there is a correlation between living to survive and living deliberately; as an adult, it is… Continue reading Peer Review 2

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Blog 2, Dame Mary Gilmore – Poem

CREATIVE Write a stanza of a poem in the style of Dame Mary Gilmore (Eve Song) Eve Song by Dame Mary Gilmore: Tikiri I serve and you serve In a festival driven by Tikiris you don’t conserve; Your service for celebration and amusement Leaves me shackled with starvation and punishment. I serve and you serve… Continue reading Blog 2, Dame Mary Gilmore – Poem

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Peer Review 1

(comment on: ) This was an excellent topic to talk about, and I think you did an outstanding job describing the essence of Australia and its people. I agree that Australia is like a paradox, and I believe it has been this way since the first settlers because that changed the definition of who… Continue reading Peer Review 1